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The initial purpose of this blog was for family and friends all over the world to be able to follow my travelling adventures in India during Summer 2011. I was going to spend 2 months interning at the famous Sambhavna Trust Clinic in Bhopal, a very active NGO and medical clinic that offers free treatments for victims of the Union Carbide gas leak in 1984 (www.bhopal.org). Also, I had decided to come to India a month earlier to travel around and blog about my impressions and thoughts about this country that I was travelling to alone for the first time in my life. I quickly realized that my blog had become popular and that many people were reading it on a regular basis. I thus extended the blog’s purpose and have also been using it as a space in which I can share with you my very special experience living in this tragedy-struck city and interning at Sambhavna. If this blog remains to be successful, I will continue using it for the next adventures to come, whenever they may be. After India, I will be heading to Oman, and then back to Chapel Hill. But who said there were no adventures that took place in Chapel Hill?

As I said in the subtitle of this blog, I want this site to become a space in which I can tell you about les aventures qui me font vire, or the adventures that make me live.

A hike up the mountains from Dharamsala gives you this kind of breathtaking view

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