About me

Hola Amigos!

My name is Stephanie and I am a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Haha. This is so formal.  I feel like I’m being interviewed! I just finished my first year at UNC, Chapel Hill and have decided to start a blog to keep a detailed account of the adventures that will happen to me while I travel to India. You may be wondering why my blog is set up in French. Well, it’s because I’m originally from Montreal, and I am thus expecting a large readership to be French speaking. Besides, because my schooling was in French until university, I feel much more comfortable writing in French. But have no fear, I will alternate languages and will even write a few entries in Arabic for my family in Lebanon and Egypt who, I hope, will be following my crazy adventures in India.

So as you can see, I love languages. I really do. This year, I took advanced Arabic and intermediate Mandarin. Next year. I’m planning on continuing with advanced Chinese and maybe, if I pick up some Hindi, I will formally study it when I get back to Chapel Hill in the fall. Hum, lets see, what are my other passions? Well, I love to bike. Chapel Hill is a great place to bike around in. The scenery is beautiful and the roads are really not scary for bikers. Its just very hilly, but that works muscles, so you get a daily workout, which is a great bonus. There is a really quaint path that takes you straight from Chapel Hill to Carrboro, a more yuppie sub-culture (ish) town than CH. For Montrealers, CH would be Outremont with Franklin Street being like Rue Bernard and Carrboro would be Mile-End. Every Saturday and Wednesday afternoon, I bike with my friends, Faima and Laura, to the farmers’ market in Carrboro and we buy delicious fresh strawberries, brownies, bread and cheese. Ah la belle vie! I’ve become good friends with the guy who sells bread. He tells me all about the bread-making process and the different seeds he  uses. Can you believe that I can buy 2 pounds of kamut-based bread for 5 bucks? At Mamie Clafoutis, Outremont, kamut break would cost at least 10!

Sorry, I guess I’ve gotten off track, but I love to talk about biking and Carrboro! So, if you can’t find me on campus, usually on the Graham Memorial terrace, I’m most probably in Carrboro working at Open Eye or in the Looking Glass Cafe’s backyard. I’m like un tournesol, I follow the sun!

Hum, what else about me? I guess you’ll find out in the other posts I’ll write. I’m more of a show rather than tell person. You will have a more complete idea of who I am by reading about what fascinates me, shocks me, what I admire, what I dislike… The way one describes adventures, tells stories, makes choices between what to tell and what to hide will inevitably reveal some aspect of who one is. So read along, and I hope that, wherever you are, no matter how far away from India, I can share a small part of my impressions, emotions and adventures with you.

Happy reading!


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