Its not malaria but…

Last Friday, I had some fever, chills and a terrible headache. I went to see Dr. Rupa, one of the aryuvedic doctors of the clinic for something to ease the throbbing pain I was feeling in my head. She gave me some medicine. I rested, fell asleep and when I woke up the next day, I didn’t have fever any more. Although the fever was gone, the headache remained. And that headache was very painful. Some other staff members were telling me that I should get tested for malaria because it is the season and the symptoms I have seem like malaria symptoms. So I went to Dr. Kesar, the allopathic doctor and I told him about the headaches. He immediately prescribed a malaria test, blood test and sputum test to start the investigations but because it was Saturday, I had to wait till Monday to get all those tests done. In the meantime, I was given Tylenol (Paracetamol). Now what happened between Sunday and Monday is the scary part.

After the ayurvedic medicine and the paracetamol, I was feeling fine. I didn’t have much appetite, but I didn’t think much of it. I was also fine on Sunday but as of 8pm I felt the headaches start again. I checked my fever and it said 37.8 C. Umm, that’s not too bad, its just a little high. By midnight, my temperature had reached 39.8 and I started having diarrhea that kept on going all night. I would rush to the washroom, come back, slide under my net and pass out until the next urge woke me up and forced me to run again. Next morning, I was the first one in line for the tests and by then, I had become very weak and dizzy because 40C fever + a night’s worth of diarrhea = A LOT of water lost. It was terrible having to wait for the lab to open. I had the blood test, but then I needed to rush to the toilet again. Seconds later, someone was sprinkling water on me. I had fainted. I was quickly on IV rehydration for the day, and needed to be fully supported any time I wanted to walk/stand. I lost consciousness several other times that day, especially when I wanted to go to the washroom. The silver lining is that now we know I don’t have malaria! Yay! But then what is this terrible thing that I have that’s making me so weak and feverish?

Not a fun story. This was Monday. Today is Wednesday and I feel much better. More tests showed that I have a stomach infection. It is some terrible bacteria that’s wreaking havoc in my poor stomach. Since Monday night I’ve been taking ayurvedic medicine, and although some of it does not taste good, it;s been helping a great deal. Sathyu and Rachna (those who head Sambhavna) have also been of great help. On Monday night, they stayed with me at the clinic and while Sathyu cooked diner for me following Dr. Rupa’s instructions, Rachna spent part of her night sponging me with a cloth soaked in cold water to bring down the fever. Sathyu and Rachna have been incredibly good to me and have taken such good care of me. Thank you both so much.

I’m much better now although my stomach is still agonizing. The ayurvedic medicine I’m taking is effective, just slow. I still have the runs, though less than before. I hope to be functional soon! Thank you all for your support!

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  1. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is nothing worse than being sick there. hang in there. It WILL get better. Don’t go back to work too soon, take it easy wait unti you fell TOTALLY better. Thinking of you
    lorraine XOXOXO


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